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2003-Oct-27, 05:21 PM
SUMMARY: Ground controllers have lost contact with Midori 2, a $587 million environmental research satellite launched in December last year. The Japanese/US spacecraft didn't check in on Saturday when it flew over a ground station; shortly after that it went into safe mode, and then all telemetry was lost. Controllers are trying to recover contact with the satellite, but it will probably be difficult because it's not even sending out telemetry data. Midori 2 was supposed to last at least 3 years and use five scientific instruments to gather data about water vapour, ocean winds, sea temperatures, sea ice, and marine vegetation.

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2003-Oct-28, 02:38 AM
it's sad to think you can fool the public! jap/usa/ endevor and fail!? it's another play i guess at nasa repeted failures. i am disturbed at this incompetence.

2003-Oct-28, 08:56 AM
Larko, things happen in space, its always a risk that we may loose contact with space craft. There have been a few NASA failures, maybe they should review their operations, but nothing is really wrong yet (as far as I can tell). Things go wrong, maybe it was human error, maybe something happened that we couldn't have stopped, we don't know yet (at least).

2003-Oct-28, 04:44 PM
Perhaps it's been affected by the events from the sun? Been some pretty big CME's lately....