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2003-Oct-28, 01:11 AM
SUMMARY: Entanglement is the unusual behavior of elementary particles where they become linked so that when something happens to one, something happens to the other; no matter what the distance. Two entangled particles could be separated by the entire distance of the Universe and yet they can still communicate instantly with each other. Confused? Well, you're in good company - this stuff is hard, and weird, and it defies common sense. In his latest book, "Entanglement", Amir D. Aczel hopes to shed some light on this puzzling behavior.

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2003-Oct-29, 06:16 AM
Could we not build communications systems that use quantum entanglement to transmit information instantly instead of at light speed?

2003-Oct-29, 09:16 AM
I don't see any reason why not, but then I don't understand quantum entanglement all that much. But it would be good, link a two particle, take one to one plance one to another and send data in morse code. Or another code you come up with. No one could 'hack' into the data transmission, only the person with the other particle could see what you were sending.

2003-Oct-29, 04:37 PM
Apparently not. Even though you can resolve the state of an atom and the counterpart will resolve in the opposite way, there's no way to decide which way to resolve it.

Imagine you had a coin and flipped it. If it came up tails then a counterpart coin in my hand would show heads. You can't choose a side, only flip randomly.

Information still has to travel at the speed of light.

2003-Oct-29, 08:14 PM
I don't pretend to understand entanglement very well yet. But I am ordering a book on the subject to read after I finish The Elegant Universe. Unfortunately you can't send information faster then the speed of light even if the particles are entangled. You are basically sending jibberish. Like I said, much reading to do yet. But here's a thought. Maybe you could use entanglement to send information not instantaneously but somewhere less then the speed of light. That way you would't be violating any laws of physics. I have no idea if you could "slow down" the entanglement signal (for lack of a better phrasing). Perhaps there is a subluminal component to it that could be capitalized on. Granted this doesn't help for communicating over long distances instaneously but it would allow one to communicate at near the speed of light regardless of whether they were inside a mountain or on the far side of the moon without the signal being blocked. Talk about going out on a limb here, I wonder what normal people think about?......