View Full Version : Discussion: Palomar Isn't at Risk From Fire Yet

2003-Oct-29, 05:22 PM
SUMMARY: The terrible wild fires in Southern California have destroyed thousands of homes, killed more than 16 people and are still out of control in many areas. The Palomar observatory is in the area, but its operators feel that the 200-inch telescope isn't at risk. The observatory was built with two layers of concrete and steel, dead trees and underbrush have been removed from a significant area, and it boasts a large water tank and volunteer fire fighting team. Smoke and ash have put a temporary halt to observations, though.

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Blake Goddard
2003-Oct-30, 08:09 AM
I don't suppose that the fires could hurt the observatory in Big Bear California (above San Bernardino). It is about one hundred yards out on the lake with only a small street leading out to it. I don't suppose that much observing will go on for some time down there in that area. Smog tends to hug that area pretty tight so I don't believe that fine particulates from the fire will blow away very quicky. Many weeks after all the fires are out I would guess.