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2003-Oct-30, 05:22 PM
SUMMARY: Just when we thought it was over, the Sun blasted another gigantic X-class flare directly at the Earth. The flare was detected by the GOES satellite on October 29 at 2037 GMT (3:37 pm EST), and it peaked about 10 minutes later. The solar storm from this flare should reach us in a little less than a day, and cause another round of communication disruptions and beautiful auroras. The timing of two X-class flares happening this close together, and aimed directly at the Earth is unprecedented in solar astronomy.

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2003-Oct-30, 06:25 PM
It worries me how close each flare explodes between eachother in time. :unsure:
However I hope its just a temporary solarstorm going on. Unless not it could be a transition to a hotter season for earth in the next comming 100 years. Not sure bout that.

- Worried.

2003-Oct-30, 08:41 PM
it seems a bit out of control right now, there is no end to solar activity, its been going almost for a week and it only gets more severe

Two Japanese satellites in trouble after solar flares

TOKYO (AFP) Oct 30, 2003
Two Japanese satellites have been in trouble following geomagnetic storms triggered by recent solar flares, one of them the largest in three decades, the Japanese space agency said Thursday.
ADEOS-2, one of the world's biggest earth observation satellites, has lost contact with the earth since last Saturday due to a possible glitch in its electrical system, a spokesman for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said.

The communications satellite Kodama has stopped relaying data after its sensor developed trouble early Wednesday after the massive flare, Junichi Moriuma added.

ADEOS-2, known as Kodama-2 in Japanese, is "in a serious situation as it may never be switched on again," Moriuma said. "We are trying to determine whether the problem has been a simple hitch or something caused by a flare."

"Even before the massive flare on Tuesday, there have been activities which are also presumed to be flares in smaller scale," he said.

plus this

Solar Storms Cut Airplane Radio Contact
By Tom Cohen
Associated Press
posted: 04:00 am ET
30 October 2003

TORONTO (AP) _ Airplanes flying north of the 57th parallel experienced some disruptions in high frequency radio communications Wednesday due to the geomagnetic storm from solar flares.

Louis Garneau, spokesman for the company that handles Canada's civil aviation navigation service, described the disruptions as an "inconvenience'' for air traffic controllers at Canadian stations that handle an average of 300 northern flights daily.

"The solar flares are causing some disruption on our high frequency voice-radio communications,'' he said.

Flights that go north of latitude 57 degrees, which runs from northern Scotland across Hudson Bay to the lower tip of Alaska and across Russia, were required to stay on specific routes Wednesday, Garneau said. Those flights include commercial jets crossing the North Atlantic and transport planes flying over the Arctic.

2003-Oct-30, 08:49 PM
The worst that can happen is some inconvenience with out communication systems. Down here on Earth we're totally safe thanks to the Earth's magnetic field.