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2003-Oct-31, 12:41 AM
SUMMARY: The aurora reports are in. Universe Today readers from around the world have kept their eyes to the sky over the last few days and seen some of the best auroras in several decades. In the Northern Hemisphere, I've heard reports from as far south as Florida and Texas, while people in Australia and New Zealand have been treated to a show as well. It looks like Northern Europe, especially Scotland had some of the best auroras - for two straight evenings.

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2003-Oct-31, 07:52 AM
We... here in the Dutch still waiting for the clouds to dissapare...maybe

greetings from Holland

Dave Mitsky
2003-Oct-31, 02:19 PM
There was a fine auroral display in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area on Thursday evening, 2003/10/31 UT. I was at the ASH Naylor Observatory near Lewisberry for much of it but I could see red sheets in the east as I drove along light polluted I-83 on the way there. After I arrived at the observatory a stunning coronal arc was visible at approximately 00:15 UT. Unfortunately, it subsided before I could get my camera set up but I did go through a roll of 800 speed film before activity ended about 45 minutes later. During that time we saw rays, curtains, and isolated patches colored red, green, and white. Most of the red patches appeared in the northern sky. At one point the aurora streched from the eastern to the western horizon.

Dave Mitsky

2003-Oct-31, 04:26 PM
Too cloudy where I live, and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon.

Marino Tumpic
2003-Oct-31, 07:17 PM
Please visit our web-site;


beautiful photos auroraover istria (croatia NW)


paul moss
2003-Nov-03, 11:11 PM
Recent aurora photos from Wellington NZ

Astronomers and Astro-photographers:

I did get 3 shots of the aurora australis from around 10pm on Friday night, and I have posted them to my site, Astronomy NZ (http://www.astronomy.net.nz) for all to see. Feel free to use them however you wish, I would be happy to have them published in any newsletters, etc, they are free of copyright, they are 100% my own work.

The full report is also on that site with the pics.

It didn’t last long enough and there is radio blackout from the site at Houghton Bay, so I couldn’t phone anyone. The intensity was so borderline that I couldn’t even be absolutely sure what I really was seeing until the photos confirmed exactly.
Next time I will drive to a clear network connection and make a bunch of phone calls when I am sure, and to that end an email with your updated phone number and the latest time to call you would be a good idea.

There are 2 more flares inbound so be prepared if you want to see something, its all on again…. www.spaceweather.com

Please feel free to call me anytime, (24hours) if you see anything auroral and think I might get some pics.

Paul Moss
+64 21 440 443