View Full Version : A Fine Auroral Display at the Naylor Observatory

Dave Mitsky
2003-Oct-31, 09:38 AM
There was a very nice auroral display in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area on Thursday evening, 2003/10/31 UT. I was at the ASH Naylor Observatory near Lewisberry for much of it but I could see red sheets in the east as I drove along light polluted I-83 on the way there. After I arrived at the observatory a stunning coronal arc was visible at approximately 00:15 UT. Unfortunately, it subsided before I could get my camera set up but I did go through a roll of 800 speed film before activity ended about 45 minutes later. During that time we saw rays, curtains, and isolated patches colored red, green, and white. Most of the red patches appeared in the northern sky. At one point the aurora streched from the eastern to the western horizon.

Dave Mitsky

2003-Oct-31, 01:18 PM
Auroras are so pleasent to see. Last time I saw an aurora I was in quebec when I was 13 and I could see patches of green off in the horizion. Didn't 4 men back in mid - early 1900's set out to alaska and norhten canada to track down auroras so they can predict when they will happen and where?

Dave Mitsky
2003-Oct-31, 03:33 PM
Ted Nichols II took numerous photos of Thursday evening's auroral display from the Naylor Observatory with a digital camera. He's posted them at http://public.fotki.com/tanichols/aurora/

Dave Mitsky

2003-Nov-03, 08:53 AM
There's another site with a lot of photos as well, most of them from other countries than the US even though the site is a part of NASA:

http://science.nasa.gov/spaceweather/auror...ct03_page8.html (http://science.nasa.gov/spaceweather/aurora/gallery_01oct03_page8.html)

There are a lot of photos from Scotland this time around, as well as Scandanavian countries. And a few for some really southern states, like Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma! :)