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2003-Oct-31, 01:54 PM
I was reading a book authored by Michu Kaku ( I am not sure of the title but I believe it was Universe) and in the book he desribed beings from other dimensions. He gave an example that if a flatlander in a two dimension world was to be picked up off his world by a being in the third dimension that the flatlander would simply disappear in the veiw of others. The flatlander in shock to what is going would see this ugly creature in front of him for he can not comprehend the third deminsion and see the beauty of this creature as the others with three dimensional brains. He also said that beings from the fourth dimension would be omnipotent and we would see them as blobs appearing, disappearing. They could pass thru anything, you can use ghost for visual if you would like. Now having said that I will get to my point. About 2 months earlier I read book titled "Are we Living in The End Times" and in the book it talked about rapture and how God or Jesus (sorry can't remember which one) will take some amount of people to heaven before turbliation. To others these people that God or Jesus raptured will have disappeared leaving nothing but extra objects that were on the body i.e. clothes, rings, necklesses, etc. Now having that example about flatlanders and three dimensional people, does it not make you think a little?

2003-Oct-31, 02:23 PM
If this really was something to do with a four-dimensional being interacting with a three-dimensional world, why would clothes etc. be left behind? If you had no need of material posessions, why bother taking your physical body at all? And what about stuff like hair, nails, teeth - might as well leave them behind too...

However, bringing in an extra dimension would make it possible to, say, remove underwear without removing your outerwear first. A neat trick but not conclusive proof for the existence of god :)

2003-Oct-31, 06:32 PM
I was just thinking out load this time. As to your questions I really can't answer for I read this material and that is all the info they provied, they didn't say why he/she would take clothes or leave the body behind. Thank you for your input tho now there is two perspectives on this topic B)

*edit* I fear we will never have conclusive proff for the existance of God. I like many, many others have faith.

2003-Nov-01, 12:02 AM
We live in the forth dimension. The forth dimension is 'time'. Standard space-time is thus 4 dimensional. We do not know what the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th dimensions are though.

2003-Nov-01, 09:27 AM
Hey Menikmati!

I think the book you are talking about is called 'Hyperspace'. At least the things you spoke about are in that book. and it's GREAT. I think this is the fourth topic now that this book has come up. I have discussed this theory about god simply being an entity that can inhabit all the dimensions. I think this theory could extend to ghosts too. Kaku talks about moments things are aligned correctly and people can see into these other dimension even if only for a minute fraction of a second. If this were true then it is understandable why people would make up stories about creatures, ghosts and ghouls in trying to explain the things they didn't understand. I'm not saying it's true or anything ... just a theory.

2003-Nov-02, 11:24 PM
You folks are describing in scientific terms what the Bible tells us concerning the return of Christ for his church.
I'll save the scripture references unless someone wants me to provide them, but basicly when the Return occurs,

1, the souls of all the dead Christians will instantly change into spirit form, giving them all the capibilities of spirits, or ghosts.
2, all Christians still alive will directly change into the same spirit forms.
3, their physical atributes will be left behind, clothes, jewery, possisions, but not the bodies themselves.
4, Christ himself will not set foot on Earth. All this will happen in the sky.
5, it will be a big world wide event, and everyone will know exactly what has happened.
6, the events set forth in the Bible's book of Revalation will begin to occur.

7, I feel very sorry now for anyone who will be left behind, but when it occurs, I will proabley not care by then.

2003-Nov-03, 05:56 PM
Ahh it was Hyperspace, thanks josh. I read a lot of books and tend to forget the titles but not the information :( and matthew I ment 4th spatial deminsion, sorry about that.