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Dave Mitsky
2003-Nov-07, 07:32 AM
Here's my DSO list (based on a 2 hour swath of right ascension) for this month.

Thirty deep-sky objects for November: M31, M32, M110, NGC 404, NGC 752 (Andromeda); NGC 772 (Aries); Collinder 463, M103, NGC 185, NGC 278, NGC 436, NGC 457, NGC 654, NGC 663, Trumpler 1 (Cassiopeia); NGC 40, NGC 188 (Cepheus); NGC 246, NGC 247, NGC 584 (Cetus); NGC 7814 (Pegasus); M76 (Perseus); M74, NGC 488, NGC 524 (Pisces); NGC 253, NGC 288, NGC 613 (Sculptor); M33, NGC 672 (Triangulum).

Data and images of those objects that are part of the NGC (which includes the Messier Catalog) can be found at http://dvaa.org/php/SacList.php?title=Nove...8,N613,M33,N672 (http://dvaa.org/php/SacList.php?title=November&list=M31,M32,M110,N404,N752,N772,Collinder463,M103 ,N185,N278,N436,N457,N654,N663,Trumpler1,N40,N188, N246,N247,N584,N7814,M76,M74,N488,N524,N253,N288,N 613,M33,N672)

Dave Mitsky

2003-Nov-08, 03:47 AM
Good idea Dave... which are your favourites? What are your impressions of them? Which ones would you recommend more than others? Are you tired of my questions yet? :huh:

2003-Nov-08, 11:08 AM
Thanks, Dave! An excellent service. Much appreciated.

Clear skies.