View Full Version : X28 solar flare

2003-Nov-08, 08:33 AM
Does anyone know what effect an X28 solar flare would have on Earth?

2005-Dec-05, 06:52 PM
Some background on Solar Flares here

Solar Flares (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_flare).

The most powerful flare of the last 500 years was believed to have occurred in September 1859: it was seen by British astronomer Richard Carrington and left a trace in Greenland ice in the form of nitrates and beryllium-10, which allow its strength to be measured today. (New Scientist, 2005)

Incidentally, the flare of November 2003 that was thought to be an X28 flare eventually turned out to be an X40 according to the Wiki, the most powerful ever recorded. Let's hope we don't get to many of those coming our way!