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2003-Nov-10, 04:48 AM
SUMMARY: Skywatchers from Alaska to Eastern Europe were treated to a total lunar eclipse on Saturday night, when the Moon dipped behind the Earth's shadow. Chunks of the Moon began to disappear at 2332 Universal Time (6:32 pm EST), and then it turned a coppery red about two hours later. And then four hours after it started, the eclipse was over. Many observers said it was one of the brightest eclipses they'd seen in recent years. If you missed this show, don't worry, there are two more lunar eclipses coming in 2004. Then a break; there won't be another total lunar eclipse visible until 2007.

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2003-Nov-13, 03:29 AM
This was one of the most unique lunar eclipses in decades because it was at Prime Time--8 p.m. Everybody on east of the Mississippi with clear skies were treated to quite a spectacle. Friends even said they saw it on TV during football game broadcasts when the cameras were turned away from the action.
I was among the dozen volunteers of Bays Mt. Astronomy Club in Kingsport, TN showing about 250 of the curious public the lunar event of their lives.
So rewarding to show so many this awesome sight of the ruddy Moon against the background of stars. Though we have 8" and 6" refractors, and 17" 10" and 8" reflectors, the public was heard to gasp the loudest when they stepped up to some binoculars. The view was spectacular in 8x60s.
The other reward of being an amateur astronomer is everybody wanting to share with you that they saw the eclipse. From church to my weekly clients, lots of people just wanted me to know they were looking up, because they surely knew I was!