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2003-Nov-10, 05:17 AM
SUMMARY: NASA announced that three additional astronauts will fly into space aboard the space shuttle when it returns to flight some time after September 2004. STS-114 will consist of Mission Commander Eileen Collins, Pilot James Kelly, and Mission Specialists Stephen Robinson, Soichi Noguchi, Andrew Thomas, Wendy Lawrence and Charles Camarda. The mission objectives for the flight will be to test the new safety procedures developed as part of the Columbia accident investigation including shuttle inspection and repair techniques.

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2003-Nov-10, 06:45 AM
So not really "new" astronauts...? That'd be a bit of a baptism of fire (excuse the religious overtone. I meant nothing by it).

2003-Nov-10, 09:36 AM
It's nice to see they've decided to put an Australian on the Return to Flight mission (for those of you who think everyone that geos on the Shuttle is American, Andy Thomas is from South Australia.) Finally, NASA seems to have made a sensible decision.