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2003-Nov-12, 10:52 PM
SUMMARY: The Pleiades star cluster has long been a favorite of astronomers, as it's clearly visible with the naked eye, and looks even better in small telescopes and binoculars. The cluster's wispy appearance comes from the fact that the stars are surrounded by a faint nebula. By tracking the motion of the stars and the cloud, a team of astronomers have discovered that the area is being formed by multiple clouds colliding together in the same region.

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2003-Nov-13, 09:47 AM
Tle lithium versus effective temperature distribution in the Hyades and Praesepe
clusters,which are of the same age(K-T event) but different metallicity,are found to be identical in both the F and G dwarfs(1)

(1)Balachandran,Suchitra.APJ v446,p203:The Lithium dip in M67:Comparison with the Hyades,Praesepe and NGC 752 cluster
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