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2003-Nov-16, 03:32 AM
It's Saturday night 8:52 PM central time (daylight savings) or 2:52AM Sunday GMT.
I just saw a meteor that burned for about three seconds in the southeast sky. I,m in south Louisiana, U.S.A. Is it possible that it was from the Leonids system? I thought that the northeast and Europe were favorable points to view them. Also today is the 15th, not the 19th, so any ideas on what I saw?
Thanks, Jimmy!

2003-Nov-16, 03:43 AM
It really depends on where it appeared to originate from in the sky...

All meteor showers have a range of dates that they are known to appear between, with a maximum date about midway between the two. Right now, there are several showers going on, of which the Leonids is the most active:

The Southern Taurids range between the 1st Oct and 25th Nov, with a maximum on the 6th Nov.
The Northern Taurids range between the same dates but peak on Nov 13th.
The Leonids range between Nov 14th and 21st, with a maximum on Nov 18th

and finally

The Alpha Monocerotids range between Nov 15th and 25th, with a maximum on the 22nd.

Also, meteor showers are visible from any place on the Earth because the Earth is passing through the cloud of dust in space as it moves along it's orbit. The meteors are more frequently seen in the early hours of the morning because that is the side of the Earth that's moving headlong through the cloud, if you see what I mean.

Hope this helps...

2003-Nov-16, 03:52 AM
So basically it could be one of many things, right?
Thanks, it does help.