View Full Version : The Return of AR 10484, 2003/11/15

Dave Mitsky
2003-Nov-16, 09:28 AM
During the work day at the ASH Naylor Observatory I set up the ASH 105mm f/4.2 Edmund Scientific Astroscan and aluminized glass solar filter on Saturday morning to show the guys AR 10484 (see http://www.spaceweather.com for further information), which has survived a solar round trip in fine fashion. We used a 32mm University Optics Koenig-II, a 26mm Tele Vue Ploessl, a 15mm Edmund Scientific RKE, a 13mm Tele Vue Ploessl, and an 8mm Brandon to view the large sunspot complex. With the Astroscan's short focal length of 445mm even the 8mm didn't produce a very large image.

I also aimed the red "bowling ball" scope at the setting Moon. The 32mm eyepiece was especially helpful in demonstrating the shadow of the secondary phenomenon as seen with an overly large exit pupil (and in this case a stopped down eye pupil).

Construction of the new roll-off roof observatory building is progressing apace (see http://www.astrohbg.org for a now outdated photo).

Dave Mitsky