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2003-Nov-16, 08:44 PM
Nearly every program on my computer loads up when I start Windows, and it is taking longer and longer to get through start up.
When the hard drive was nearly empty, I was all the way through start up in about 15 seconds. Now it takes nearly 3 minutes after I push the on button before I can do anything.

I know some of this has to do with a windows regestry which is the Windows anwser to the old config.sys, and autoexec.bat files which started computers under DOS. But I can't find this regestry. And I'm not sure what I should do with all the program entries when I find it.

It's like when I start up, I don't need MS Word, my map programs, my photo express, my greeting card programs, and every thing else to load up if I'm intending to get on the internet. I can tolerate waiting for a program to load up when I need it, but not for everything to load up at startup.

Is there some Windows 98 Guru out there who can help me? And please don't just tell me to upgrade to XT because this computer doesn't meet the requirements and it will be months and months before I'm in a position to upgrade.

2003-Nov-16, 11:15 PM
Hey planetwatcher how's it going? Well I believe if you go to start, run, then type in msconfig it will come up with a window and some tabs at the top, select the tab the says system or system.? but go under that and there wil be all your programs that you can select to run when you boot up your computer. I hope I am right, its been a while. I know this trick doesn't work in win 2000, but not completly sure on 98. Hope I helped.

2003-Nov-17, 02:21 AM
One of the problems with Windows 98 is that programs leave junk in various locations when you install them. It gradually slows your system down. The only solution is to start from scratch. Back up your data, get out your application disks and format your hard drive. It'll work better than ever.

2003-Nov-17, 09:20 AM
Total reformat. Simple to do, but it'll take a while to fix your system up afterward (eg. setting up your system/programs). But it will be the best clean up you can do.

2003-Nov-17, 10:44 AM
msconfig should get rid of 90% of it. Use regedit to find the rest. Clean reformat is always nice, but it might not be necessary.


2003-Nov-17, 11:16 AM
Total reformats are rarely necessary, and it's such a tedious task, especially making the backup of all the files. Especially since the files are all over the place, and it would take such long time to know what files are the latest versions and which files do I have backups of, etc...

2003-Nov-19, 07:43 PM
To continue with what MENIKATI suggested:

Startup (tab)
You will be presented with a window full of your startup-files.
Untick the little boxes that you consider needn't be started up.
OK (click).

You can do this operation over and over again until you are satisfied; at which time go back into "Startup" again and click "Cleanup" and this will delete the unused lines.

A very good utility is "WinDoc" within Norton's Utilities - I really couldn't live without it because it fixes Window's Registry problems which seem to occur regularly on my computer. (Also its de-fragment tool keeps your files in order).

Hope this helps.

Cheers from Coff's Harbour NSW
(NOT the "Mexicans" in Melbourne, Victoria. Did you know that they are the worst drivers in the world? lol)

2003-Nov-21, 12:53 AM
I would definitely do a full defrag before I wiped anything off or starting changing how it boots up...

I defragment my hard drive fairly regularly (every 4 or 5 months or so) and it always runs faster afterwards :)

2003-Nov-21, 07:32 AM
Thank you all for your advice. I printed your responses. When I get done here I will find the appropreate files, copy them under new names, and try the suggestions, except the format. That will be if the other measures fail, or if I screw something up.
So if you folks don't see any postings from me in days to come, you will know that something unexpected happened, and I'll be back when I can.

2003-Nov-21, 11:38 AM
Try this link to PCWorld it is an article on reducing start times

http://www.pcworld.com/howto/article/0,aid...923,pg,2,00.asp (http://www.pcworld.com/howto/article/0,aid,112923,pg,2,00.asp)

Hope you find what you need

2003-Nov-21, 08:41 PM
you can actually go to start button. select run and you can type in msconfig then press ok. ;)

2003-Nov-21, 08:42 PM
hey planet watcher, what system are you using by the way. is it dell, or what i can probably help you.