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2003-Nov-18, 03:14 PM

Sorry about this newbie question.

I am new to astrophotography & astronomy. I have a web cam pro ex and I am trying to mount it to the telescope (6inch reflector).

Problem 1. When I put it into the telescope I see nothing (even indoors) after removing the focus lens. When I have the focus lens on I see the spikes that hold the secondary mirror ? any ideas

Do I always need the lens in to see anything?

Problem 2. I have tried the camera film box to attach the camera but Problem 1. crops up?

Any ideas on how to mount the camera and Do I need the lens in inorder to see anything.

Dan Luna
2003-Nov-18, 05:29 PM
I use a video eyepiece, not a webcam, but it should work the same. You put the webcam, without a lens, into the scope instead of an eyepiece. The light should then focus onto the CCD detector chip in the camera. It probably won't focus on anything indoors, try something at least a couple of hundred feet away.

2003-Nov-18, 09:10 PM
Take a look here.

2003-Nov-19, 02:11 AM
What you are doing seems Ok, (ie webcam with film canister modification) and without a lens in either scope or webcam

maybe it is a question of just playing with the focuser to get an image

You should be able to pick up images of planets and bright stars quite easily, although as I have mentioned in this forum before I get diffraction spikes around bright objects.

The following site and its associated yahoo group has lots of very experienced and skilled wabcam astrophotographers and a visit is worthwhile :


clear skies


2003-Nov-19, 10:26 AM
I have a very cheap webcam bought at a local supermarket. it is hopeless on low light objects. However it is excellent on the moon and very bright planets.

Using the film cartridge adapter try and look at the moon. You look at the computer to do the focusing. You can also try a barlow (either 2x or 5x). Found it worked really well with my short focus scope.