View Full Version : Learning disk?

2003-Nov-19, 07:55 PM
I was wondering if there were any good educational cd roms about intro to physics or something related. I don't start college untill january and I love to learn(as weird as that may seem). Thanks a bunch.

2003-Nov-20, 03:47 PM
You mean the hard math? I'd recommend checking out the MIT site, and look at some of their free (yes, free!) courseware.

Here's a link.

MIT courseware index (http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html)

If you're looking for flavour physics (words, not numbers) I'd highly recommend checking out the Quirks & Quarks site - they have all kinds of space/physics stuff available to listen to.

2003-Nov-20, 04:47 PM
Thank QJones! I have been teaching myself a lot of the flavour physics, I want to learn the math aspect now =) thanks again