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2003-Nov-20, 06:16 PM
SUMMARY: The International Space Station has been in orbit for five years as of November 20, 2003. The first element of the station, the Russian Zarya control module, was launched on November 20, 1998, and then quickly followed up by the US-built Unity module. Since then, the station has orbited the Earth 29,000 times and has been inhabited since November 2, 2000. Eight successive crews, 22 people, have staffed the station and performed research in bioastronautics, physical sciences, fundamental space biology, space product development and space flight disciplines. Happy birthday ISS.

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2003-Nov-20, 10:40 PM
Mazel Tov!! Many more to come!

2003-Nov-20, 11:25 PM
Yes, many more spacestations to come! :-)

2003-Nov-21, 12:25 AM
I saw a NASA programme about a month back that dated back to the mid 90's or so... at that time, they were saying it would have the space of about two jumbo jets inside... then a few years (and several cutbacks) later, it had halved in size... and going by their original estimates, it should have been finished by now...

...so even I have to wonder, has it been worth the time and money? Personally, I'd rather see more probes like Galileo and Cassini than the ISS...

2003-Nov-21, 02:03 AM
People are too exclusive. Inclusivity is what the space industry needs. Instead of more probes instead of space stations ... how about more probes launched from the space station!!??!!