View Full Version : Three Comets, 2003/11/21 UT

Dave Mitsky
2003-Nov-22, 10:02 PM
From a dark site in central Pennsylvania's Tuscarora State Forest on Thursday night (~00:30 UT 2003/11/21) I swept up the periodic comet 2P/Encke rather easily with my 101mm Tele Vue refractor working at 15x (35mm Tele Vue Panoptic). The comet was roughly between M27 and Collinder 399 at the time. I also used powers of 32 (17mm Tele Vue Nagler type 4) and 60x (9mm Tele Vue Nagler type 6). Through my friend Tony Donnangelo's 14.5" Starmaster Sky Tracker Dob at magnifications ranging from 46 (40mm Meade SWA) to 203x (9mm Nagler type 6) 2P/Encke appeared as a very large and diffuse fan-shaped glow. The best view was at 107x (17mm Nagler type 4). Comet Encke was also clearly visible through my Celestron 20x80's. We both suspected seeing it through Tony's Celestron Ultima 7x50's.

We also observed C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) and C/2001 HT 50 (LINEAR-NEAT) with Tony's Starmaster. Comet LINEAR T7 was fairly bright with a condensed coma and perhaps a hint of a tail. Comet LINEAR-NEAT HT50 was very dim and quite small and looked much the same as it had a month ago.

Dave Mitsky