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2003-Nov-23, 11:08 PM
SUMMARY: NASA announced on Tuesday that it would push back the launch of its second Mars rover, "Opportunity" one day; now tentatively scheduled for June 26. The delay was expected because of the delays with the previous rover, "Spirit". NASA wanted to give its engineers more time to prepare the Delta rocket for the second launch. The spacecraft has been packed up for launch and was moved to the launch pad Tuesday morning to be mated to the top of its Delta rocket. The other rover, Spirit, is working well now a week into its flight.

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2003-Nov-24, 09:34 AM
:huh: Before we make a start on the terraformation of Mars, which will happen in the future, it's just a matter of when, shouldn't we make a mark in our own back yard first? We have plenty of desert here on Earth which we should be using for terrorformation experiments for the future planning for Mars. GM litchens should be developed and released onto our deserts and every possible and plausable terrorform methods should be deployed and tried first here on Earth. It's good practice. I am of the belief that a thermo-nuclear bomb could be viewed and used as a crude terrorformation device. It's just how you look at it. Maybe America should look into the possiblity of an experiment with the smallest atomic bomb going off underground in a desert with the combination for a vast amount of water influx to coincide with the contained explosion. Water plus controlled blast plus sand might equal fused or charred ground with a little life enhancing radiation thrown in for good effect. It would be a start. The most presious commodity on the planet is our Rainforest and Jungle. If we (even if rater crudely at first) can slowly start to terrorform our own deserts and help spred our Jungle and Rainforest we will learn and develop new technologies that in the future will benifit our colonisation efforts on Mars. We as a planet owe it to ourselves and our future generations to try to convert what is tradionally seen as a thermal nuclear weapon into some thing beifical to mankind. Are there any scientists out there who will take up this challenge?