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2003-Nov-23, 11:36 PM
SUMMARY: Space tourism company Space Adventures revealed the vehicle they hope will open up the market for sub-orbital flights for the average person: the Russian-built Cosmopolis XXI. Designed by the same company that built the Russian Buran space shuttle, the Cosmopolis will be capable of carrying a pilot and two paying passengers (ticket prices will be $98,000 US) on a parabolic flight up to an altitude of 100km - literally the edge of space. Test flights for the C-21 are expected in 2004.

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2003-Nov-24, 12:13 AM
Excellent! Now THIS is the sort of thing we should have had 20 years ago. I'm surprised the price is so (relatively) low too...

I was only saying a few days back how flying at 37,000 feet is probably the closest I'll ever get to orbit... hopefully now I'll be proven wrong :D