View Full Version : Discussion: A Solution for Dizzy Astronauts?

2003-Nov-23, 11:36 PM
SUMMARY: It's been a problem since the beginning of spaceflight: whenever astronauts return to Earth they get a bit dizzy. When spacefarers return to the Earth's gravity field, their blood pressure drops temporarily as their bodies adjust. A new medication, called Midodrine, may help to prevent the condition by constricting the blood vessels to increase blood pressure. This could help astronauts remain focused during the critical re-entry through the Earth's atmosphere.

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2003-Nov-25, 07:51 AM
I think anything to help astronauts coming back to earth's gravity would be useful. However, if it raises blood pressure, could this present other problems or would the affect be minimal.

We have had astronauts come to the Franklin Institute and on one of their visits, I asked how difficult was it to adjust to earth's gravity. He told me it is a strain on their bodies, but also told me astronauts who come back from the International Space Station have a muvh harder time and takes several months of rehabilitation, However, just as the astronauts are paving the way for future generations of space flight, I would have to agree this is an ianother important part of our research. So I think this is another experiment that needs to be tested.