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2002-Sep-19, 09:17 PM
<a name="JD2452537.5C"> page JD2452537.5C aka 5clocks2time:space
__d5__ clock 1: no words would be know about these(orbit//spin)
__d4__ clock 2: electrons orbit proton // electrons spin
__d3__ clock 3: Planets orbits the Sun // Planets Spin on axis
__d2__ clock 4: Sun orbits center of Galixy // ect
__d1__ clock 5: Galixy R>esesses(orbits) Universe // colide
LIGHT: and its speed? in this modle transfers
energy from Clk2(d4) to Clk3(d3)..
its now theorized that GRAVITY does the same
from Clk3(d3) to Clk4(d2)

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2002-Sep-21, 04:01 PM
On 2002-09-19 17:17, HUb' wrote: To: HUb'
<a name="JD2452537.5C2"> page JD2452537.5C2 aka 5clocks2time:space2
This {together with the associated tables}
consists of my main "Against" theory and so i'll
name it after the Month of my Birth [January] by
adding the TH ending so this theory may become
know as Januaryth {probably not}
anyway the Question its 'poise to raise}
concrns the transfer {of ?} from clock to clock
and from clock2 [D4} to clock3 [D3] its though
that its light that acts as the main transfer mechanism
{ you know as electron "Change Orbit" & emit light ect}
So extrapalte & get as the moon Drops out of orbit..
OK OK have it in N.Lang as the moon leaves earth the transition sends a GW up to Clock4 [D2] and that Gravity Wavelette in D2 can be detected as? Well skiping ahead to the ratoonalist points: yesthers a ratio of time it takes the electron to move to the time it takes the moon to move to the time in Clock4 2:3:4 ? so what?s a good 1st aprox? hmm?

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2002-Sep-24, 07:11 AM
Good one. All orbits change on exchange of energy in some form, at any scale on their own 'clock' rate. I wonder what 'emmission' would result from large-frame orbit change?

Here's another: Would particle spin be analogous to magnetic spin at the larger scale (along with the occasional flip)?

Ah, such universes in our hands and in the 'sky'.

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2002-Sep-24, 10:26 AM
ON 2002-09-24 03:11, GREWWALK WROTE: To: HUb's faster 486/100
I think we are on the same plain [PLANE] on this 1
lets draw carefully some orbits and have a close look:
now listen in D3(clock3) Orbits are drawn as
flat {two deminsional depictions} and for now at least
are thought to send there gravity wave energy UP to D2{clocks4)?
[FOLLOW SO FAR] next draw some D4(Clock2) orbits of
electrons.. and make notes that those are no longer
depicted as FLAT 2D drawings but are 3D lobes and they
are {at this time } thought to send there ergs UP to Clock3{D3} ?/? anyway thats the 1st approximation

2002-Sep-24, 10:41 AM
On 2002-09-24 06:26, HUb' wrote: HUb' Later 2day
Allright? the long leap: {maybe} starting from
clock4[D2] where its 'poised that Sun orbits
the galatic center ? and do the drawing
SUCH THAT THE SKETCH [-} is simply a straight line?
this was achieved by assuming an edge on view
rather than a view from a pole?
and WE attempt to follow the ERGs as the
line [A?} Lengthens [B?] or shortens ??
so its 'poised that the ergs do migrate UP
to clock5[D1] the universe but not gravationally
So that couplings theorized in this modle to be
beyound gravity {anti gravity} and if found could be used? in 3D space as A Worm Whole?

2002-Sep-25, 02:10 AM
I've got all that imaged in my head, but alas, I cannot express it in meaningful terms...

I've thought of all these relationships, but then how far can we take the hypothetical into myth?
Is is possible that our planets, galaxies ... our universe is the muons, atoms and molecules of the bigger universe.

Oh well, I'm dreaming again.

2002-Sep-26, 04:13 AM
On 2002-09-24 22:10, grewwalk wrote: To: 7:56 P.M. PST
lets see? next try the reverse
c1[D5 fine stuff........:
c2[D4 LIGHT {em waves}..: maybe its the same?
c3[D3 Gravity...........:
c4[D2 brevity...........:
c5[D1 Course stuff......:
..... erg moves up using? erg moves down using