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2003-Nov-27, 05:26 AM
Like in the middle of the year or some time earlier, I’d get picked up from school after 3.
And when I’m on the path to going home, I have to go down this not so steep road to get to my house. (I’m in a car by the way:p)
And when I’m at the top of the street, just going down no more than 7 metres, I think about how I was just at the top of the street and now I’m here, and it feels like I could just quickly go back like 3 seconds ago and be at the top of the street. And when I think about that, it feels like I can actually achieve it, and it’s this sort of bond that I have to hold onto to keep that feeling inside that I can quickly go back up the street then back to my original position, but as I get further away that sort of bond or feeling is lost. And it like worked like that for a while, but now it doesn’t anymore for some reason o_O Could there be like some collision or interference of another exact dimension (if something like that exists) at that time?
I’m not crazy! Or anything lol, it was just weird.

2003-Nov-27, 07:55 PM
Hi Draco - I know what you mean. Sometimes funny feeling just happen.
I remember when I was studying and cleaning in a bank at night to pay my way through I was polishing the hallway of the sixth floor and suddenly I felt as if there was something "dark and menacing" over me - it was really scary and palpably real.

Years later I started driving from one side of Sydney to the other and, five seconds later, I was there at my destination. The time was real - an hour or so - but, to ME, it was seconds. Strange.

For years I would escape the "End-of-year" party at about 11.45pm and go and find a remote place to sitdown, look up at the stars and "talk to God." It was euphoric and, somehow, real.

There have been other strange experiences - enough for me to be convinced of the reality of another dimension - an unseen world of intelligences.

There is a famous quote that says something like "There is more to this world than meets the eye ..." or something like that.


2003-Nov-27, 10:19 PM
Maybe your are thinking of Shakespeare's Hamlet,

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

2003-Nov-28, 12:09 AM
Yeah it's just those weird feelings that you feel that someone is behind you or that somebody is approaching:\
I saw in this sort of 'witch' book thing, that in a few hundred years, telepathy will be common! Pretty freaky hey :blink:

2003-Nov-29, 10:56 AM
Thanks TINAA - spot on!
(Wonderful to be educated!)

2003-Nov-29, 04:52 PM
I remember that quote from my senior year in high school, only 20+ years ago. I was a sci-fi fan space nut way back then too. I imagined that maybe even the Bard looked to the sky and dreamt. I even still remember most of his "to be or not to be" soliloquy. Yet, I can't remember where I put my teeth or my glasses or my ...

2003-Nov-29, 07:57 PM
What do you think of Draco's experience?
Queer huh?

2003-Nov-29, 11:13 PM
I believe our brain goes on automatic pilot, especially when repeating something we've done a million times before. I can't count the times (this is kind of scary) that I've driven nearly all the way home and not remembered doing the driving. I drive the same route everytime, so my actions are probably automatic. I've also done this reading an incredably boring textbook or during a lecture. I tend to remember what I've read or what's been said, yet I wasn't "there" the whole time. Perhaps this lends credence to Freud's theory of the subconscious mind. I don't subscribe so much to the psychodynamic theories, but... We know so little about how our brains work. I think I may even believe in telepathy. If our thoughts are only electrical impulses and electricity is the flowing of electrons, well we might someday find the scientific reason behind 'intuition.'

2003-Nov-30, 01:39 AM
I agree with that Tinaa... after all, how many times have we left the house and locked the door, only to go back and double check it? Or make sure we turned the fire out?

2003-Dec-01, 06:34 AM
Tinaa’a proposal (to Memeory-Loss):

"According to the psychodynamic theory, you must have been forgotten sometime in your childhood and must go through analysis. The cognitive theory says you must have perceived forgetting your child, therefore, you must change your perceptions. A behaviorist will say you have learned to forget your child through conditioning, so you must unlearn it. The biological theory says you must have a physiological disorder and you need drugs. A realists will tell you eveyone makes mistakes. I bet you won't make this particular one again!"

How would apply Tinaa's expertize (above) to Draco's experience?

2003-Dec-01, 08:29 AM
Boy I know about that auto pilot.
I work about 30 miles from where I live, so I have about a 40 minute trip one way.
There are times I get off work (late at night when all the drunks start heading home from the bars, and this time of year is deer ruttng season)
I get in my car and start it, arrive home 40 minutes later, but not remembering anything of the drive home. That can be unnerving at times.

2003-Dec-02, 03:59 AM
Oh please, I have no expertise. Just a little learning about a few things and as you well know and little knowledge can be dangerous. I was really making a little fun of some of the different psycho theories. I tend to go with the cognitive and behavorist. I know I am conditioned to get up and let my dog out when he goes and stands by the door. I also know that while I can not contol a lot of what happens in my world, I can control my reactions to it. Draco probably has a little different way of seeing his environment and his actions in it. Maybe he'll come up with a great new theory about dimensions.

2003-Dec-02, 06:20 AM
I hope i do :P hehehehe

2003-Dec-20, 03:13 PM
I can put my 2-bobs worth in for this topic:

I had a severe accident several years ago, where the ledge on a cliff where myself and 5 others were on (we were harnessed) collapsed and snapped the harness, we fell 12 metres (36 feet) - I do not remember the fall, or landing on the rocks but i do remember the sensation when water came in with the tide - bizarrely the next thing i remember is being in my bed 3 days later!!! - all the other people who fell had the same experience!!!

by the way, I was badly injured - falling on rocks does that and i proved despite my size i do not bounce! I have sustained tinnitus and nerve damage, but are runnign again and are studying again...wierd :blink:

2003-Dec-24, 02:43 AM
Geez Alice - that experience must have put you off heights for all time. Do you ever get any flash-backs or nightmares about this horrific experience?

And your injuries - has everything now healed?

Red Rooster

2003-Dec-24, 03:22 AM
well i am no longer afraid of heights nor water (esp. the ocean) but unfortuantely not all injuries have healed - massive nerve damage in my left arm and lower back...not to mention the constant echoing in my ears (all of which i have been told cannot be healed in a hurry)...but not to worry - the rest of me is fine!

2003-Dec-24, 05:08 AM
A bloke that plays piano in our city orchestra (I play trumpet) had a similar experience to you several years ago - massive and traumatic nerve damage to his left arm, due to a fall - and this started him off playing piano. And he is now a violin student. These instruments have successfully rehabilitated him back to normality because of their therapeutic effect.

Maybe you can learn the didgeridoo (with finger-holes). It'd probably sound like a bassoon. (LOL)

Red Rooster

2003-Dec-24, 06:40 AM
:lol: nah but i do tai chi and taekwondo, requiring balance and precision...but it is amazing how someone can recover...the quack (=doctor) told me that i will be in a wheelchair by the time i was 23-24, i am 27 now and compete in triathlons!!!!