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2003-Nov-27, 06:20 AM
Book Review

Cosmic Butterflies: The Colorful Mysteries of Planetary Nebulae

Thanks to computers, improved communications, research methods, instrumentation, and various space missions we are now inundated and bombarded with an enormous wealth of information. But even after that information has been collated, distilled, and assimilated there are still gaps, in our knowledge, that cry out to be filled.

Fortunately, for those of us, who have an interest in planetary nebulae, there is now a superb new book written by a world-renown expert in the field of planetary nebulae studies. The author is Dr. Sun Kwok and his extraordinary book is entitled, Cosmic Butterflies: The Colorful Mysteries of Planetary Nebulae.

Not only does Dr. Kwok's book bring the reader up to date on the current status of planetary nebulae studies, but does so in a simple, concise, and flowing style. And just when the reader thought he has caught his breath (after reading about the thrilling new discoveries) Dr. Kwok reveals some of the new questions that have come to light concerning these intriguing celestial objects!

Furthermore, not only is Cosmic Butterflies rich with photos (both enhanced and, otherwise), but there are also well - executed drawings and illustrations gracing its pages. In addition, the author has thoughtfully provided a handy glossary along with a bibliography, additional notes, plus, (the all-important)

Besides the above, there were three other things that really delighted me with this hundred seventy-nine-page book. And those three things were (1) ample margins that allow space for personal comments and notes, (2) the book is manageable in size, and (3) the publisher wisely selected a type size and font that is easy to read, which is a real plus for us aging baby boomers!

In closing, if the reader has any interest in planetary nebulae, I strongly suggest that he/she hurry to pick up or order a copy of the superb book. And if your astronomy library (like mine) is a wee short on good planetary nebulae reference books, don't miss this one!

Cosmic Butterflies: The Colorful Mysteries of Planetary Nebulae, by Dr. Sun Kwok Cambridge University Press (2001) 179 p. ISBN 0 - 521 - 79135 -9 Price: $29.95 (Hardcover)

2003-Nov-27, 06:25 AM
$29.99, must order one....

I would like to order a Used one...its cheaper ^^ only 13 bucks

2003-Nov-27, 06:32 AM
A great book at any price :rolleyes: