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2003-Nov-27, 11:45 PM
My dsl internet service provider iinet, recently posted this on their website:

We are currently trying to stop the spread of the virus using the following measures:
Our systems search for clients infected with Nachi, who once identified are disconnected from the Internet.
An email is then sent to the user explaining the reason for the disconnection, and asks them to download the virus removal tool by visiting the Symantec website www.symantec.com

Very amusing indeed!

2003-Nov-28, 12:47 AM
Perhaps they send the email in an envelope?

2003-Nov-28, 11:58 PM
Oh I had something similar...

I used to pay for my internet service by credit card... I had it set up so that it would automatically charge my card on the 15th every month...


...I will admit that one month I, er, went over the limit and the charge was rejected. So I tried to go online and when it got to the "verifying username and password" stage, it kept cutting me off.

After several hours of me thinking they were having server problems, I realised what the date was and began to wonder if the problem was really mine... so I called their customer services, I actually managed to get through, and got the payment cleared on another card.

When I went online, there was an email, sent the day before, telling me my payment had been rejected and that I wouldn't be able to connect until I'd paid. So how was I supposed to know???



To be fair, I think they were counting on me being able to access my email via their website from my workplace or someone else's house.... but all the same, that's a pretty stupid way of letting you know because not everyone would be able to check their email that way....

2003-Dec-17, 05:47 PM
they'll send it in an e-envelope sent to your e-postbox by an e-snail-mail-postie! :blink:

2003-Dec-18, 11:28 PM
Don't forget, did they send out the virus update as well?

2003-Dec-20, 03:00 PM
nah it got lost in the e-mail

2003-Dec-22, 11:46 PM
Well, it seems the silly buggers at my ISP have been hit on the head with some common sense, wrapped around a brick:

My most recent payment to them was refused (because I'd gotten a replacement card with a new expiry date and hadn't updated the payment details) so rather than simply cutting me off without notice, they sent me an email telling me I had 7 days to stump up the money.

At least they gave me a chance this time :lol:

2003-Dec-23, 03:29 AM
need to send a brick in the e-mail