View Full Version : Do you think there's life out there?

2003-Nov-28, 05:03 AM
:o I would like to start out by saying that I believe that there is intellegent life out there somewhere and I can't wait till they prove it. I have been watching these documentaries about aliens coming to (lets say) observe us and they say that it was a government run program or something. ??? I believe that one day, we the people, will meet these E.T.'s and we will become friends and begin an allience. I know that may sound weird but I think that day will come when they will land here on earth and explore the unknown (to them that is), and we can show them around. Well...enough about what I think...What do you think about this topic?

droherty :)


2003-Nov-30, 01:51 AM
Ooooh, I've thought about that b4...I think it'd be really scary if we were the only planet in the whole universe with life on it...intellegent life forms at least. That would so freaky if we really were alone.

2003-Nov-30, 01:54 AM
Well... someone's gotta be the first civilisation in the universe... what if it *is* us?

(I know it's extremely unlikely but humour me, please :lol:)

2003-Nov-30, 01:59 AM
But what if we're the only civilization in the universe?

2003-Nov-30, 06:23 AM
While I still question the evidence for intelligent life here, you gotta remember.... We are out there ====> from most of the universe... Government conspiracy? I refer back to my first sentence... Alien over seers/ overlords? We got one in california... :P Maybe were the next intelligent civilization...

2003-Nov-30, 05:53 PM
:o I believe that life as we know it, we are the only ones, but I have a feeling that we can't be the only life out there. There has to be other civilizations with other species. They may live differently, look differently, act differently, speak differently, etc., that it may seem strange to us. If there is life out there and we don't know about it. I believe they (aliens) will find us first. Lets just hope they are friendly (E.T.'s).

droherty :unsure:


kathyk86 - It would be freaky if it we were the only ones.