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2003-Dec-02, 08:50 PM
SUMMARY: NASA's Stardust spacecraft took this photograph of its target, Comet Wild 2, while it was still 25 million kilometers away. The spacecraft is on track to reach the comet on January 2, 2004 when it will pass only 300 km away and capture particles of its tail to return to Earth for analysis - the best photographs are still to come. Mission planners will use these early images to help fine-tune Startdust's trajectory to give it the closest possible approach to Wild 2's centre.

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2003-Dec-03, 04:27 AM
Heh ... My name is on a little disc on Stardust. Technically I'm travelling (well in spirit and name) through space at a zillion miles an hour and about to crash into a comet. Ain't life grand?? *assumes crash position*