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2003-Dec-08, 09:06 AM
Essentially the first flight of humans in a powered heaveir-than-air aircraft was the prelude to human space flight ... and there is the reason it's in this forum at least.

There were the pioneers who started it all (by definition), the driving force of the military then, everyone's favourite subject, space flight! In some way or another for everyone i'm sure the love of space and flight are intertwined. I know that they are for me at least. Although, then again, superman and space are linked for me too. and spoons and space. I manage to find a space link for everything I can. Anyway ... In honour of the 100th anniverary - which is on Dec 17 - how about we all share our first experience of flight, or why you love it or an interesting or amusing story. Or your favourite time in flight history. Or whatever.

I know my first flight was one to remember. I was 5. My parents conned me into thinking that my aunty and uncle were going away. For some reason, my lugguage being packed didn't hint at the truth. So, "Surprise" you're going on a plane. I cried and cried and cried. still... I was damned excited. Then I got on the plane and managed to get stuck in the toilet. Now ... notice I said "in" the toilet. I was young and (obviously from the lugguage thing) not very smart so when i saw and heard the flush I must have realised that the outside air had sucked everything away. So what did i do? I tried to see if i could reach outside... Yes. I managed to get my hand stuck down the toilet. Then the seat belt sign came on to land. still stuck. It took two air hostess to get me out. This all while my pants were still down around my ankles. I can take solace in the fact that I was young ... can't I? Anyway, I loved it. Couldn't wait to fly again and ultimately get my license. Next I'm going to get a hang gliding license - nothing more could possibly be like true flight. Then ... space. hopefully. one day. we can all dream. I'll see if i can get stuck in the toilet in space.

Okay, now that I've embarrassed my self addequately, you may all follow suit.

Here's to Bush pledging to send people back to the moon (and beyond)!!

2003-Dec-09, 11:59 AM
Here is an interesting and informative website about flight: http://www.centennialofflight.gov. The timeline is interesting, where you can search for information about the different early attempts at flying, such as the kites (first aerial vehicles) that probably were used in military purposes, the first rockets and the first model helicopters. Gliders, parachutes, powered aeroplanes, it's all there.

2003-Dec-10, 07:39 PM
Good subject JOSH.
With a name like CHOOK (Fowler) I have always been interested in flying but, coming from a dirt-poor-but-honest family the closest I got was barnyard fowls, then enthusiastically making model aeroplanes made of balsa and powered by a thick rubber band.

We couldn't affort to buy books so mum and I joined a small country library where I devoured everything I could find on The Universe and knew all the planets and what drove the sun (recently modified) and how mind-bogglingly big the universe is and how, even if we travel at the speed of light, we'd be very hungry by the time we arrived at the front door of Alpha Centaura.

I would have loved to have learned how to fly but just couldn't afford to - so my flying has been limited to commercial airlines - in planes both very small and very large.

Realistically, I believe that the thrill of normally flying an aircraft would be shortlived - like riding a rollercoaster a few times - unless you were a stunt-flyer or the like. I have reliably heard that technology is in place for a commercial aeroplane to be flown from go-to-wo by computer; and that the pilot(s) are there for security and passanger-assurance mainly.

As far as flying in space is concerned - it would be BEAUTIFUL and the experience of a lifetime - but not possible for us in our lifetimes unless you can afford the millions it can cost (like the Russian).

No exciting news from me I'm afraid. How about others?

2003-Dec-10, 11:42 PM
Originally posted by Chook@Dec 10 2003, 07:39 PM
As far as flying in space is concerned - it would be BEAUTIFUL and the experience of a lifetime - but not possible for us in our lifetimes unless you can afford the millions it can cost (like the Russian).
I guess that depends how old you are. I think we will see more affordable space tourism in the next 50 years.

2003-Dec-11, 05:09 AM
Quote KASI - "I think we will see more affordable space tourism in the next 50 years".

I hope you're righy, KASHI.

But even after decades of flying and development they can't get their astronaughts up without the risk of O-rings or foam flying off the thing and killing the poor beggers inside.

Then another few years wait while they try and sort out their mammoth organisation and spiralling costs before another bird flies.

I'll bet that money, the lack off, will dampen all this stuff and you'll you'll still be waiting, grandchildren at side, tinkling your piano in 50 years time.

Want the bet?

2003-Dec-11, 06:09 AM
I'm not particularly fussed. There are plenty of places I'd rather go on Earth over a trip into orbit anyday!

2003-Dec-23, 08:09 AM
i also just like the thought that I may be able to contribute to those who will enjoy things like space tourism etc inn the future! (I do some work for the Australian Mars Society)