View Full Version : Something about Hubble's law

2003-Dec-08, 07:49 PM
ok here's the question:

1. Because there are 3.26 million light years for every 1 Mpc, the galaxy in the Corona Borealis cluster is about 1 billion light years away (293.3 Mpc x 3.26 Mly/Mpc = 1000 Mly). How long does it takes light from this galaxy to reach us?

According to my team's calculation for V, we got 22,000 Km/s

Here's my calculation :
I use Hubble's law V = H0 x D
V = 22,000 km/s
H0 = 3.26 million Km/s Mpc
D = 293.3 Mpc

293.3 Mpc x 3.26 million Km/s Moc = 95,615,800 Km/s, which is about 1 billion Km/s...so in that case am I am right? I know I miss the Velocity(22,000), and how do I put that 22,000 km/s in anyway????? >< ><