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2002-Sep-21, 05:37 AM
Ok I was playing Everquest (a Computer Game)and my character was on the "moon". In the game you can typically type in a command that tells you the time. However, on the moon I was given the message..

The Sun does not move here so you can't tell the time. Or something similiar. How could the "sun" NOT move ? I realize it is just a game but this has ben bothering me.


2002-Sep-21, 11:34 AM
Well, it doesn't move like it does on Earth--there are 29 days between each lunar "noon"--and the time zones of Earth certainly don't make sense, but it would seem you could carry a watch set to UTC, no?

2002-Sep-21, 03:12 PM
A couple of ways to do it without a watch:

If you've got a good pair of eyeballs, you should be able to see where the terminator is on the Earth - say, dawn on the East Coast - and can make a good guess from there.

Or, two, a very well calibrated sun dial (okay, that's a clock, too, if not a very accurate one).

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