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2003-Dec-09, 11:05 PM
I have been quoted $280 AUD ($207 US) for a Vixen LV 4mm Eyepiece. Is this good value for money?

2003-Dec-10, 04:49 PM
Just a little bit expensive >< try to make it &#036;120(US)..that&#39;s fair price


2003-Dec-10, 11:16 PM
Thanks for your help.

At http://www.buytelescopes.com/product_list.asp?t=172 it is only US&#036;110, but when you take shipping into account I only save about &#036;30 US dollars compared with buying it over the counter here in Melbourne. Do you think you&#39;d trust international shipping when dealing with delicate scientific equipment? Might be worth paying the extra money to have an eyepiece in one piece so to speak.

2003-Dec-10, 11:46 PM
Some Online Store, they pay the shipping and handle for ya when u buy something over &#036;100 dollar, but this one I am not sure :(

2003-Dec-11, 01:06 AM
Generally that&#39;s only if you live in the US or Canada.

2003-Dec-11, 03:22 AM
oh....:D :D :D

2003-Dec-29, 06:07 PM
Let us know how that Vixen eyepiece works out when you receive it, I need a new one also.

2004-Jan-01, 02:20 PM
Kashi, that wouldn&#39;t be Astro-Optical in the arcade just near Flinders St Station that you&#39;re going to buy (or have bought) that EP from would it? I bought a 6mm LV EP from them for the exact same price around mid year. I have to admit I squirmed a bit at the price but bought it anyway. I&#39;m *seriously* considering the 8-24mm zoom at the moment. If only there was a 30 or 32mm LV on a 1.25" barrel I could have a set in 3 LV EP&#39;s.

Here&#39;s a little tip for you Kashi. Tasco Australia (http://www.tasco.com.au/public/home.ehtml), notorious distributor of "department/camera store" grade telescopes is also a distributor for Vixen. If there&#39;s a camera store near you that has Tasco items in stock, see if they can get Vixen LV EP&#39;s at a lower price. The Tasco website has a state by state list of retail outlets.

I like the 6mm LV, but it&#39;s not the best EP to use in an area that has light pollution (at least not with my 127mm Skywatcher Mak-Cas, also sold as the Orion 127mm Starmax). Then again, 6mm is pushing the limit for that scope.

2004-Jan-20, 10:44 PM
Thanks for your help Gareth. My eyepiece came in today&#33;&#33; Now all I need to do is get rid of these damn clouds&#33;

The place I was referring to was York Optical (also in Flinders St between Russel and Exhibition). I&#39;m aware of astro-optical too, but I&#39;ve never actually been there. I&#39;ll be sure to take your advice about the Tasco distribution next time&#33;

2004-Jan-22, 03:08 AM
Well ladies and gentleman, a lovely night of planetary observing was had by all. I could clearly make out 2 red/brown bands of cloud on Jupiter even with my 4.5" reflector. Saturn was spectacular&#33; It was quite a hazy night even in the outer suburbs so I&#39;m going to try again in a few days. Saturn looked a tiny bit blurry even in proper focus. I guess this eyepiece has well and truly pushed my scope to the limit. I&#39;m going to invest in some serious aperture soon&#33;

2004-Jan-22, 06:29 AM
Kashi, how would you compare your new eyepiece to your old one? I mean, do you see clearer or bigger, what?

2004-Jan-22, 06:49 AM
Well the magnification is nearly 2.5x greater, so yes, the image is considerably larger. It wasn&#39;t any clearer on a night like last night because there was a fair bit of haze, so I was probably pushing it using that eyepiece anyway. It&#39;s better quality than any other conventional 4mm eyepiece that I know of, but as you get more powerful you can often lose clarity if the scope isn&#39;t up to the job. In other words, using a more powerful eyepiece to magnify an image that is already a little hazy is like enlarging a poor quality photo. Not always a good idea. This is why the say that magnification is not that important when you&#39;re looking to buy a telescope. Light gathering power (aperture) is. Many amatuers fall into the trap of going for cheap department store telescopes that claim to deliver high magnifications, but what they end up zooming in on just looks like a big blurry dot.