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2003-Dec-10, 11:13 PM
SUMMARY: Using data from several NASA satellites, scientists believe that the Spring thaws in the Northern latitudes are arriving earlier and earlier each year. The change is so dramatic, that the thawing has come on average one day earlier each year since 1988. The shorter Winter warms up areas that were previously permafrost (permanently frozen), and this releases additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Scientists are just starting to understand what role the polar areas have in the regulation of the Earth's climate.

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2003-Dec-11, 01:09 AM
Scary stuff. It's about time governments got serious about Alternative energy sources. I saw on the news recently in Melbourne, that an architectural firm wants to build giant wind turbines on the top of sky scrapers and bridges in Melbourne. Apparently there's enough wind energy to provide a decent percentage of the city's electricity requirements. In my opinion wind turbines are no uglier than skyscrapers.