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2003-Dec-16, 03:36 AM
I was totally asleep at the wheel on this one, but December 13/14th was the annual Geminid meteor shower. Did anyone catch them? It's been nothing but rain here in Vancouver.

2003-Dec-16, 11:30 AM
I've seen a few bright ones. Because I work nights, I go outside at about 1am and since we're out in the country, you get a fairly good view of the eastern hemisphere. I can't say I've been making a point of going out to observe them although it seems like they've been good this year - I say that because I saw 3 o 4 bright ones just in the 10 minutes I was outside :)

Charles Bell
2003-Dec-16, 10:38 PM
I was out all night Sunday with my scope. And I was treated to dozens of meteors. When the first one went over, I rememered that tomnight was still a good night. There were some very brilliant ones and some very short ones.

The views of saturn and Jupiter were very sharp from my location.

Does anyone know of a simple way to catch a meteor on a digital camera??

Saturn is approaching its closest encounter with earth in 600 years at the end of this month.

Go out and look at Saturn. Binoculars will siffuce to see it.

Venus is about two fiists up off of the horizon at sundown and is very brilliant. Mersury to lower right and not as bright. Just at end of evening twilight.

Jupiter rises near midnoght and can be seen before daylight. Very bright.

You need a telescope to make out Uranus and Neptune, the little "sky blue" dots in the evening sky. Forget Pluto, its just too faint.

Comet 2002/T7 is a brightening comet in the evening sky and comets watchers around the globe are following it nightly. This one's supposed to get into the naked eye visible range in the spring of 2004.

Comet 2P/Encke reaches solar perihelion at end of month. I hope we can see it in SOHO. It has faded into the evening sunset and you can't see it anymore for awhile from the northern hemisphere.

The Meal
2003-Dec-18, 09:07 PM
I caught a very bright Geminid while out looking at Saturn through my binocs. Could have been the brightest meteor I've seen in the past year. My eyes weren't fully dark-adjusted yet, however. Completely caught me off guard but it reminded me that there was a shower going on. Never did see another bright one, but a few more typical streaks.

I'm starting to get optimistic that Santa is bringing me a Telescope rather than an iPod for Christmas this year. I know a 8" Newtonian on a equatorial mount would give me a much bigger smile than a 40GB MP3 player...

~The Meal

2003-Dec-19, 01:50 AM
hey, i caught site of a few Geminids, first off i was sat in the back room of my house for ages and didnt see one (around about 10pm in England before the moon came up) orion looked south to me at that time? and Saturn was to the left (im new to sky watching so i haven't learnt much yet) anyway i saw a very faint streak of light in the sky out of the corner of my eye and thought that was it, so disappointed i went back to my computer...then about 2AM i was speaking to a friend online who said he had seen lots of meteors so i looked outside and Orion had now moved into the north west? and could see it from the front of my house, as soon as i opened the curtains i saw a meteor with the best tail i have ever seen, with a bit more looking i caught sight of about 5 bright meteors .... i probably missed a lot more due to quite a lot of light pollution in my area, anyway i decided it was time for bed after being satisfied by what i saw but decided to sleep with the curtains open so i led down and looked outside for a while and i caught sight of one more geminid, it was the best one of the night, it jsut moved right down my window from top to bottom, one of the typical Earth grazers, it was the longest lvied meteor i had ever seen so i was very happy tp see spme this year (having missed all other showers due to typically bad English weather)......and congratulate me people for sending my first post (rather long i know)

2004-Jan-17, 06:58 PM
Yes i was outside at 6pm on December 23-24 looking Northwards and seen loads of geminids meteor shower flying every couple of minuets there where amazing just looking at them where never of to forget them in my life astronomy is so ineteresting and geminids are good meteors to watch


Mars 44

2004-Jan-17, 07:35 PM
Congratulations mars44...I saw nothing, like Fraser i was asleep at the wheel and ever so slightly in the southern hemisphere in a rainstorm - which is not common here in Alice Springs.

2004-Feb-25, 12:26 AM
hey sorry i didn't really read any of the posts but i need help here..... does any1 know of recent (and by recent i mean in the past 30 days) happenings w/ comets, asteroids, and/or meteors?? please tell me! i am new and i am in a time crunch so sorry if i am 'medeokre' or whatever.....but please jsut help me!!

2004-Feb-25, 03:12 AM
Hi dark_love

You'll find a couple of topics here in the Astronomy section about 2 comets that might soon be bright in our skies...

As for asteroids and meteors, your best bet is to start a new topic in the Astronomy section asking people for help because they're more likely to see that and reply to it :)