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2003-Dec-16, 07:17 AM
The Dancing Wu Li masters was one of the best books on the new physics because it was very simply written and was easy for anyone to understand

A lot of people have written about the "Universe in a Nutshell" and a "Brief History of time" by Hawking as good popular science books but I still believe Gary Zukov's Dancing Wu-li Masters was --and continues to be-- an all time classic. Frijof Capra's "Tao of physics" which came out around the same time was also a pretty good book and made a good companion.

These are out of date of course so the question is..does anyone know of a similar book or books that explain today's physics as well and as entertainingly?????other than Hawking's books ?

2003-Dec-16, 04:13 PM
The Search for Infinity by Stephen Hawkins is brilliant

I did find a comic book about Physics that i have used to teach with

But I would like to know of some resources that you ask of

Dave Mitsky
2003-Dec-16, 04:55 PM
I don't consider _A Brief History of Time_ to be a good popular science book. I don't know of anyone who has actually read the entire book other than myself and I had a hard time plowing through it despite my having a background in physics including a college level course in quantum mechanics.

Michio Kiku's _Hyperspace_ was a much more interesting read. I enjoyed it more than Brian Greene's _Elegant Universe_

Dave Mitsky

2003-Dec-16, 04:59 PM
thanks for them, i'll look them up

2004-Jan-04, 11:52 AM
I have found a really readable book though it covers all science not just physics, and it is Bill Bryson's "A short History of nearly everything"

Recommend it strongly, I enjoyed it thoughly .

2004-Jan-04, 12:06 PM
yes i have read that and enjoyed it thoroughly