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2002-Sep-21, 08:07 PM
In a word.


Granted it still has all the technical nits from before being the same movie but the VAB sequence and the S-V launch sequence were worth the price of admission. There were a number of times when my kinesthetic balance system shorted out due to visual input and others reported getting queasy at times. On a bad note, they did cut the film by 20 minutes. I think this is due to a purely physical limitation of the IMAX equimpment We speculated that the film canister couldn;t hold that much film for 2:20 and we heard a rumor that the limitation is on the lamp in that it will overheat.

All in all well worth it.

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2002-Sep-23, 04:59 PM
The limitation is on the platters for the Imax that the film sits on. They can only hold 120 minutes of film due to it's large size.