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2003-Dec-16, 08:35 PM
SUMMARY: I just wanted to give you one last reminder about the Year in Space 2004 calendar which I've been advertising on Universe Today. The author, Steve Cariddi, was nice enough to send me a few copies so I've been reading through it the last few days. On the left-hand side there's a nice full-page picture of something spacey with a description, and then a traditional calendar on the right-hand side. One cool thing is that it has a space-related anniversary for each day (Pioneer 6 launched today in 1965). Steve let me know that he can still do rush orders until Thursday to have the calendar arrive by Christmas. So, if you're looking for a last minute present for a space enthusiast, this might do the trick.

Click here to visit the Year in Space 2004 website (http://www.yearinspace.com).

(Disclaimer, Year in Space 2004 is an advertiser on Universe Today)

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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