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2003-Dec-16, 09:17 PM
SUMMARY: Geologists at the University of Berkeley believe that radioactive potassium might be a substantial source of heat in the Earth's core. The problem has been that scientists haven't found as much potassium in the Earth's crust as they would have expected from the Earth's early bombardment period by asteroids. However, the geologists discovered that potassium can form a heavy alloy with iron under high temperatures and pressures, so it might have just sunk to the middle of the Earth, and could form a minute component of the core - but a fifth of its heat.

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2003-Dec-18, 01:59 AM
I wonder what might happen when the Earth's core turn into ironic core... :lol: Wow maybe our Earth might turn into a small black hole :P

2003-Dec-18, 11:41 PM
You wouldn't create enough density for the Earth to become a mini black hole.

2003-Dec-19, 12:02 AM
:lol: just kidding :lol:

2003-Dec-19, 12:06 AM
Not even the energy in the sun would be enough. I takes a supernova to create a black hole, something the sun will not do.

2003-Dec-22, 08:31 AM
darn it!

Habeeb Boris
2004-Jan-28, 11:49 PM
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