View Full Version : Jupiter or saturn

2003-Dec-17, 06:56 AM
Does anybody know off the top of your head, which planet (Saturn or Jupiter) is directly between Betelgeuse and Castor at present?
Thanks, jimmy!

2003-Dec-17, 07:06 AM
Never mind, I just went outside and looked and Jupiter has come out since I last checked (about 2 hours ago), so it has to be Saturn. Thanks anyway.
P.S. If anyone is interested, Jupiter and Saturn are about 60 degrees from each other at present.

2003-Dec-18, 01:51 AM
Which is your favourite out of the two, Jimmy?

I've been asked that question before and I find it's like being asked which is your favourite child LOL They both have fascinating things to look out for... Jupiter has it's Galilean satellites and those wonderful clouds... Saturn has it's splendid rings, it's moons and even a few cloud features of it's own :)

2003-Dec-18, 02:07 AM
on an entry level scope, saturn wins hands down. Once you get more fancy shmancy equipment then there's more competition from Jupiter.

2003-Dec-18, 05:10 AM
I have to agree with you Dippy, they are both fascinating. I haven't seen them through my telescope yet this winter (my wife made me clear the carport for Thanksgiving day and I never set it up again). The skies are crystal clear now, so I need to get to it.