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2003-Dec-17, 04:35 PM
SUMMARY: United States President George Bush disappointed space optimists today when he failed to announce any grand plans to return to the Moon or send humans to Mars. Some believed that Bush would announce a revitalized goal as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations for the first flight of the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Some believe that the 2004 budget deficit of $500 billion makes any additional spending difficult for the President to justify. Some are hopeful that Bush will still make an announcement at the State of the Union address in January 2004.

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2003-Dec-18, 12:10 AM
I'm not surprised... I guess he's spending his money in other, oil-rich countries... *cough*

2003-Dec-18, 01:28 AM
[SIZE=7][COLOR=blue]Every one who reads the story should make a committment to become politically active and make a " Moon Initiative and Mars Initiative" happen. The only way our society will make the progress in space exploration that we need to make is if we make the polticians make it happen. We have to make them pull their heads out of the soil and see the beauty and potential that is out there!
Frank Lock

2003-Dec-18, 01:49 AM
Almost all the countries in the world has been sending Space shuttle to the moon with peoples :lol: all they do is collect sample. :P I wish they can build a house up there....(a house that reflect Sun's radiation) :lol:

2003-Dec-18, 09:36 AM
What is the world coming to when a much needed political distraction doesn't reinvigorate the space programme. SHEESH! (if that was too political .. I'm sorry.)

2003-Dec-18, 11:23 PM
Its dissapointing, but not unexpected. The US government can't give NASA another $6 billion when its in a $500 billion debt.

2003-Dec-18, 11:55 PM
The best way to get out of debt is spend more money.

2003-Dec-19, 02:24 AM
I think that Nasa could pull off a Mars visit with its current budget. It's all about priorities and being inventive to find better ways to do things. Truly, some of the greatest minds on earth can find cheaper ways to do things that are still safe.

2003-Dec-19, 03:00 AM
It may sound quite depressing that President Bush did not formulate a new American space initiative. But we can always think of a large perspective of human presence in space and it can be breathtaking. Space is there for us to study, to marvel at and to populate. So, here is my space exploration forecast which I wrote not too long ago (before year 2000).
Forecast of developments in space exploration
for 2000 - 2500 A.D.

2000 Space station.
New generation of shuttle is discussed.

2010 Return to the Moon.
2nd space station started.

2020 Moon base is started.

2030 Space stations in geo-stationary orbit and polar orbit.
Manned Mars expedition.

2040 Moon base fully operational.

2050 Manned flights to Mars continue.

2060 Flights to Mars. Beginnings of Mars base.

2070 Moon base on Moon's far side.
Space stations at libration points.

2080 1st Mars base operational.

2090 1st manned flight to Jupiter.

2100 3d Moon base (large).

2110 First factories on the Moon.

2120 1st city on the Moon started.

2130 Several Mars bases are added.

2140 Moon population boom starts.
100,000 people on the Moon.
Major industries are started on the Moon.

2150 1st city on Mars.
Mars population is over 1000.

2160 Permanent manned outposts on Jupiter's moons.
1st manned flight to Saturn.

2170 Industrial boom on the Moon.
Moon cities have over 1,000,000 people.

2180 Mars has several cities.
Becomes almost self-sufficient.
Mars population is near 100,000.

2190 Most Earth industries are on the Moon.
Population on the Moon is stabilized at about 1 million.
Earth becomes rejuvenated and its ecology is being restored due to
the transfer of industries to the Moon.

2200 Mars has a population near 1 million.
Terra-forming is started.

2210 Earth becomes the "resort planet" of the Solar system; no
industries, no pollution, no extinctions.

2220 Automation of the Moon industries.
Moon population decreases to 100,000.
Growth of Mars population -- tens of millions.

2230 First cities on Jupiter's moons Ganimede and Callisto (possibly on
Europa under the ice for protection from Jupiter radiation).

2240 Mars proclaims independence from Earth.
Mars population is close to 100 million.
Large-scale terra-forming of Mars.

2250 First bases on Saturn's satellites.

2260 Establishing a united Earth-Mars government.

2270 First manned interstellar flight (slow, many generations
of astronauts are involved).

2280 Jupiter's satellites are populated by thousands of people.

2290 Saturn's satellites get their first cities.

2300 First rivers and lakes on Mars; noticeable amount of oxigen
in the atmosphere.

2310 Mars population is about 1 billion.
Huge migrations to Jupiter's satellites.
Saturn's satellites have thousands of inhabitants.

2320 Terra-forming of Venus starts.

2330 Jupiter's satellites have dozens of cities and hundreds of
thousands of inhabitants.

2340 Jupiter's satellites proclaim their unification into one allied state.
The Saturn system follows suit.

2350 First fast interstellar flight; extra-solar planets suitable
for life visited.

2360 Saturn's Titan and smaller satellites have hundreds of
thousands of inhabitants.

2370 Terra-forming of Venus is in progress; first noticeable drop
in temperature and pressure.

2380 Mars population is 2 billion. A cap on population growth.

2390 First work on assembling a planet out of the asteroids.

2400 First unprotected walks of humans on the surface of the terra-formed
Mars. Conditions are like those of high altitude Earth mountains.

2410 First migration to the planets of several other solar
systems. About 10,000 people go.

2420 Jupiter's and Saturn's satellites are populated by millions.
A cap on population is installed.

2430 Conditions on Mars become equal to those on Earth.
Mars is another green planet.
Venus's temperature drops to +80 C.
First manned outposts on Venus.

2440 Venus has first cities insulated from the atmosphere.
Population is about 10,000.

2450 The artificial planet in the asteroid belt is ready for settlement.

2460 Venus's temperature is around +40 C.
Massive construction on Venus.
First large surfaces of water.

2470 The asteroid belt planet is settled by more than 100,000.
Venus has a population of several million.

2480 Second migration to the stars. 1 million people go.

2490 Massive migration to Venus. Population jumps to 1 billion.

2500 Third migration to the stars -- 10 million people.

2500 - 3000 Migration to the stars -- 10 billion.

Total Solar System population (in billions):
Earth -- 18
Venus -- 12
Mars -- 3
Asteroid belt -- 0.5
Jupiter's satellites -- 3
Saturn's satellites -- 1
Total: 37.5

2003-Dec-19, 04:01 AM
Just because he didn't announce it yesterday doesn't mean it won't happen. The white house chief of staff actually said that there WILL be a bold new space initiative announced in the near future, but we don't know what or where or when just yet. He also said that it WOULD'NT be on December 17th, so I'm not all that surprised. But don't give up hope yet -- we may still have a chance.

2003-Dec-19, 04:51 AM
What are the chances of my living long enough to see if arkalexeev is right .. because i'm willing to make an effort!

2003-Dec-22, 11:34 PM
Top stuff, arkalexeev

I love reading predictions about the future (within reason!!) and then seeing which ones come true... I'm sure arkalexeev could write a sci-fi novel or two around some of the predictions he or she has made :)

2003-Dec-23, 03:13 AM
Its a great read!

But it could all turn out very differently, and many things many and probably will happen much faster.

2003-Dec-23, 04:15 AM
brilliant predictions alex! thank you for posting it!

2003-Dec-23, 10:28 AM
That was a fantastic read arkalexeev. I only wish we could live long enough to see half of those events occur. I have high hopes for the human race and for space. Lets hope such predictions do occur and the human race finds its way out of it's current rut. Too much war and bloodshed, not enough looking to the future.

2003-Dec-23, 03:11 PM
I fully agree with Nick, time to put down the weapons and start opening our eyes to all the possibilities