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2003-Dec-17, 10:09 PM
SUMMARY: Einstein's General Theory of Relativity got another confirmation this week thanks to research by an astronomer from NASA. Some theorists believed that particles popping into and out of existence in space would slow light down, as if it was moving through air or water. Scientists measured the total energy of gamma rays emitted by a distant gamma ray bursts and found that they were interacting with particles on their way to the Earth in such a way that precisely matched predictions by Einstein.

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2003-Dec-18, 09:22 AM
Or if the distant GRB's are much closer than assumed on the basis of their redshift, this whole confirmation is telling us nothing.

2003-Dec-18, 11:32 PM
Or if the distant GRB's are much closer than assumed on the basis of their redshift, this whole confirmation is telling us nothing.

Well if it matches Einsteins theories, which have been proven many times; its most likely that the GRBs are at the distance astronomers believe they are. Until it is shown that these GRBs are closer this evidence supports Einstien's theories.

2003-Dec-19, 08:16 AM
Of course, if all the confirmations of Einstein's theory work in the same way as this one (I'm not claiming they are), it still doesn't prove anything. To me this finding is just an example of how science is self-congratulary sometimes. And all of Einstein's work depends on one basic assumption (no ether) that could be proven wrong some day.
"Assume nothing",

2003-Dec-19, 08:38 AM
Einstien does base his theories on one assumption, an assumption which has been proven, that ether does not exsist.

2003-Dec-22, 11:36 PM
Do wish I could remember just which one it was, but dear old Einstein has been proven right, where even he just didn't think his own theory could be correct! :lol: Our club has heard and discussed such more than once. GO Einstein!!! Such articles are great education for tired brains like mine and younger brains still learning what's out there (in both the science lab and the universe).

2003-Dec-24, 04:33 PM
You're probably referring to the cosmological constant or Einstein's greatest blunder, but it is used today in the inflationary model of the Big Bang. To me both the inflationary model and the cosmological "constant" are basically fudge fators that keep the Big Bang theory from collapsing. We still haven't seen evidence that space is curved, or that space is expanding. Also, the experiments from which people concluded that there is no ether (Michelson-Morley), did show small positive results. They were attributed to measurement errors, but could still be real. Dayton Miller (in 1925-33) repeated and refined the measurements and also found positive results:
http://www.orgonelab.org/miller.htm although I think that the people reporting this could be biased.
Anyway, imo the question of the existence of ether is still open, and if there are other experiments that show there is no ether I'm interested to find out.