View Full Version : Weightlessness

2003-Dec-19, 06:12 PM
If weightlessness occurs because of falling around the earth (orbit), are you still weightless when not in orbit? For example, you are adrift in a space ship what happens? Do you start spinning like a planet?

2003-Dec-19, 08:04 PM
remain Constant....keep going straight >>>>>>> untill something stop you

2003-Dec-20, 08:30 PM
you'll make Isaac Newton's rotting corpse very happy obeying his first law

2005-Dec-19, 01:41 PM
It depends on the space-ship. If you're aboard a Star Trek era intra-galactic cruiser, or the like, then they have onboard gravitational controls to create a gravitational force to mitigate against feeling weightlessness, but if you're on a b-grade inter-stellar cruiser, just floating around Space not particularly going anywhere, you will be weightless, regardless of whether or not you're anywhere near the orbit of the Earth.

And BTW, VARN, are you trying to make some sort of cogent point with your signature? Its flying right over my head at the moment.......... ;)