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2003-Dec-19, 08:25 PM
SUMMARY: The European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft successfully released the British-built Beagle 2 lander this morning, completing a major milestone on its trip to Mars. Mars Express fired a pyrotechnic device which slowly released a spring and separated the two spacecraft. Since Beagle 2 has no propulsion system, controllers have no way of fine-tuning the lander's flight path. If everything goes as planned, Beagle 2 will enter the planet's atmosphere on December 25.

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The Meal
2003-Dec-19, 09:50 PM
Great news! Now lets hope those duststorms settle down...

~The Meal

David Woodman
2003-Dec-22, 12:18 PM
I noticed in the ESA picture at the bottom middle/left, a white spot ! Is this a background star? Lens reflection? Phobos or Deimos? Lets hope this mission doesn't go missing !!

2003-Dec-31, 11:13 PM
Well from what we have now seen it would appear Beagle 2 is lost in space-or should I say mars and even international rescue wouldnt be able to sort this one.
I guess while scientists send glorified flying dustbin lids to other planets in the hope they will land safely my guess is this is just going to keep happening.
Beagle 2 phone home-PLEASE :(