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2003-Dec-20, 04:54 PM
Hi all, can people direct me to some reasonably priced courses related to astronomy online?

2003-Dec-20, 06:28 PM
This site should help you, I guess :)

2003-Dec-20, 07:02 PM
thanks for that, i will check 'em out

2003-Dec-20, 07:10 PM
Check out Swinburne University. They're Australian, and have one of the best online programmes for astronomy.

2003-Dec-20, 07:19 PM
i will do that and where is my ice cream?!?! :P

2003-Dec-21, 04:26 AM
Well i have now enrolled in the Swinburne program...looking forward to it!

2003-Dec-21, 05:24 AM
That was quick... let me know how it goes. :-)

2003-Dec-21, 05:50 AM
will do fraser, i'll give a full review of the course if you like?

2003-Dec-21, 06:01 AM
Now that would be very cool.

2003-Dec-21, 06:12 AM
it shall be done!!! and i'll get my 3rd masters degree!!!!!

2003-Dec-23, 12:57 PM
Hi Damien,

I'm aleady an MSc. student at Swinburne University of Technology, and can thoroughly recommend their courses. Having done a number of other online astronomy courses in the past, Swinburne is by far the best - faultless, in fact!

If you're interested in Planetary Atmospheres, the Astrophysics Research Institute in Birkenhead (Liverpool, England) is also excellent - they do other courses, as well. I would steer clear of anything run by Jodrell Bank (Manchester University, England) however, unless you like being mucked about over dates etc. None of the students' work was returned when they said it would be, and the exam date was changed more than once! In addition, they were very slow in sending out final grades, and the course notes were amateurish, and full of errors. Apart from all that, it was fine!

What Unit have you enrolled on at Swinburne? Might see you next semester?



2003-Dec-23, 02:55 PM
i have enrolled in the MSC unit 602 about the solar system...i'll studying by distance, as i am in alice springs but i'd like to stay in contact!

2003-Dec-24, 11:30 AM
G'day Damien,

You'll enjoy 602! When the next semester gets going in early March, we'll be able to keep in touch via the SAO general websites, such as Astronomy Chat etc. Once we've established contact via our student e-mail addresses, we can then swap personal e-mail addresses, if you'd like. My SAO link is 161200.

In the meantime, if you have any further questions, you can reach me via Universe Today.



2003-Dec-24, 12:37 PM
That was very quick indeed! Swinburne is a great University for things science/ technology related. Spread the word about Universe Today!

2003-Dec-24, 01:25 PM
M.I.T.'s Open Courseware but be of interested to some...? It's free!


2003-Dec-25, 02:50 AM
some of the courses on the MIT courseware site are quite interesting, I have had a bit of an explore through them and believe that most would be beneficial for 'big picture thinking'.

2003-Dec-25, 04:28 AM
I wonder what is the requirement for taking Online Course....Age? Degree?

2003-Dec-25, 04:32 AM
That depends on the institution, for example, if you were to enrol in the Swinburne online degree at:


they require and undergraduate degree not necessarily in science nor astronomy - but transcripts are generally required, they also require $$ (but it is fairly reasonable).

However the others listed in this forum have no real requirements other than your interest - note if you want a degree or certificate you generally have to pay