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2003-Dec-23, 02:23 AM
SUMMARY: The European Southern Observatory has released three new images of distant spiral galaxies, which were taken while astronomers were searching for quasars. NGC 613 is a beautiful barred spiral galaxy in the southern constellation of Sculptor; NGC 1792 is a starburst spiral galaxy located in the southern constellation of Columba; and NGC 3627 is also known as Messier 66 and located in the constellation Leo.

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Lee Chauser
2003-Dec-23, 04:27 AM
I have difficulty with the Universal National Catalogue and see the significance of the numbering system. However, the information about the barred spirals is somewhat enlightening. I would like to no more about how these galaxies affect us here on Earth? Anybody see any philosophical significance to this finding? <_< leemarktwain@aol.com

2003-Dec-23, 07:09 AM
They look most beautiful. As for philosophical significance...well...by now we should have figured out that we&#39;re not the centre of universal attention.

2003-Dec-23, 07:12 AM
They are beautiful pics indeed. I fully agree with you kashi, we are definitely not the centre of universal attention.

2003-Dec-23, 07:22 AM
we are definitely not the centre of universal attention.

No, but the entire universe is&#33;?

I saw on the news recently that astronomers have discovered that the Milky Way is right now colliding with another galaxy. Does anybody know more about this story?

2003-Dec-23, 07:24 AM
woah&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33; imagine that, i haven&#39;t heard anything about that

2003-Dec-23, 07:28 AM
No, I&#39;m not a crackpot...potty, yes...but not a crackpot&#33;

YES, I&#39;ve definitely heard/read this somewhere...maybe it was "Universe Today"...?? But yep, it&#39;s a definite new discovery that I&#39;ve absorbed somewhere these last few weeks...?&#33;

Anybody care to comment???

2003-Dec-23, 07:38 AM
maybe Fraser knows of something...

oh yes and i am potty also, look at my sginature&#33;

2003-Dec-23, 07:52 AM
Hmmm...yes, Damienpaul..."Poet"...I could never understand that Shakespeare stuff&#33; heh... :(

2003-Dec-23, 07:53 AM
actually i was referring to the teacher bit, but you make a valid point&#33;