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2003-Dec-23, 05:35 AM
Can someone tell the arguments for and against the existence of a tenth planet?

2003-Dec-23, 06:01 AM
Another film for you to watch, Damienpaul: "GAMERA Vs GUIRON"! In this film, the 10th planet is on the opposite side of the Sun, in the same orbit as Earth...so we never see it in the sky!

Ha...but I think NASA has already sent probes to check that out...!?

2003-Dec-23, 06:07 AM
wow, how did you know i like film...and yes, i think NASA had already looked for it....

2003-Dec-23, 07:42 AM
wow, how did you know i like film...

I didn't. But great to hear you do! I got plenty of recommendations, buddy.

10th PLANET----

Well, I don't think it exists. Pluto itself is meant to be just a "captured" Kupler Belt comet, or something like that... Strange tho', it's got a moon that points its same face towards the planet! (Just like Earth!)...

...and Venus rotates the opposite direction to all the other planets...

...and Saturn's "F-ring" is BRAIDED!!!...

...and the Moon is exactly the same dimensions as the Sun in the Earth sky...

Maybe this should be a separate post?? ANOMALIES in our solar system???

2003-Dec-23, 07:44 AM
i think there may be one.in Astronomy (?)...as for the recomendations, they could also be a posting in Totally Off Subject

2003-Dec-23, 08:09 AM
I haven't seen an "anomalies" post, but...maybe I haven't looked hard enough!?

Alice Springs, hey Damienpaul?

You're near PINE GAP, right? I remember reading a 1980's PLAYBOY article about Pine Gap, it was saying how they had a top secret nuclear reactor there! (Obviously not so top-secret! heh)...

What are they doing there??? Is it just "spy satellite" stuff? (=ie. satellites pointing their cameras at Earth, NOT outer space!)... Quite a shame if they're wasting their time spying on us. Should be spying on OUTER SPACE! Ha... :o

2003-Dec-23, 08:12 AM
:lol: :lol: alice springs in playboy...that'd be about right! i think it is a listening station and is very close to alice springs

2003-Dec-23, 08:21 AM
i think it is a listening station and is very close to alice springs

What are they listening to? <_<

2003-Dec-23, 08:25 AM
everyone else, probably even to the citizens of alice springs....

2003-Dec-23, 08:46 AM
Who are "they"??

2003-Dec-23, 08:50 AM
those who work in the facility

2003-Dec-23, 11:47 PM
If u try to look for a planet the size of Mars, point ur telescope to the Asteroid Belt, some scientist says, there might be a planet exist in the Asteroid Belt...

2003-Dec-24, 01:05 AM
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