View Full Version : Mt. Stromlo Observatory, Canberra

2003-Dec-23, 07:04 AM
Well, it is almost a year since mount stromlo in canberra was burnt down in the devastating fires that also destroyed 500 homes, schools etc and took 4 lives...I was there for a conference at the Australian National University...we had no power (as a substation was destroyed) and at one stage we were surrounded by fire, not a pleasant experience i might add.


we were at the observatory just 4 days before it was destroyed.

2003-Dec-23, 11:53 PM
I hear the news to but didn't notice there is a observatory on the Mt. :( OMG!

2003-Dec-24, 02:02 AM
Yep, it was the Australian National University's premier astronomy research facility...I think they'll certainly rebuild it.