2003-Dec-25, 05:04 AM
To Fraser, and the Moderators:

If any of our postings are either deleted or modified - would you be kind enough to inform us of the reason for your actions.

In that way we can conform.

2003-Dec-25, 05:18 AM
hello! are we on schedule for a landing

2003-Dec-25, 06:12 AM
Nearly all the time I do in some way, either by posting a reply to the topic when i close it or by emailing the person concerned... recently there was a topic which broke the rules and there were no replies, so I simply deleted it. I think I've just done that once or twice though :unsure:

2003-Dec-25, 06:21 AM
I edit posts when someone includes information copy-pasted from another website. That's a copyright violation, but it's usually part of an otherwise good post. No sense throwing out the whole thing.

I delete posts when they're a blatant violation of the forum rules, like advertisments for other websites or use profanity. Obvious trolls get yanked too.

For everything else, I usually make a post that explains how something is a violation of the forum rules and then either leave the thread open, or close it if the thread is a write-off.