View Full Version : Shoemaker Levy 9 vs Jupiter

2003-Dec-25, 07:10 AM
hey folks, I was wondering if people may be able to help me with links or pics etc of the Shoemaker Levy 9 collision with jupiter...was anyone observing at the time?

2003-Dec-25, 07:13 AM
No, but I did meet David Levy once at a local telescope shop since he lives here in Arizona...and he autographed my scope along with Thomas Bopp of "Comet Hale-Bopp."

I don't suppose that helps at all but hey, it's cool.

Still haven't wrapped any gifts...

2003-Dec-25, 07:15 AM
oh most cool!!!!! what a place to meet him!!! :lol:

Nah, I have heard he is an interesting fella!!!

2003-Dec-25, 07:26 AM
Yes, he is very interesting. I really didn't get much of a chance to say anything other than "Hi can you sign my scope?" It was much like a celebrity book signing, he and Mr. Bopp were sitting behind a table with a line of people waiting to have them sign stuff. Oh, it was on an interesting date also...9/9/1999.

If you are interested, the telescope store I bought my scope from/saw David Levy at has a website at www.starizona.com. It's my favorite local store, the owner is really nice. He's friends with David too I think.

Too bad astronomical equipment has to have prices that are, well, astronomical. Otherwise I'd own more than I do.

Ok I need to wrap gifts. I can't put it off any longer. It's already half past midnight. *sigh*.

2003-Dec-25, 07:30 AM
i will look that site up, it'd be cool if he did know Levy and Bopp. I agree the prices are very steep....

:lol: have fun wrapping the pressies!