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2003-Dec-25, 11:07 AM
SUMMARY: The European Space Agency confirmed that Mars Express has arrived safely at the Red Planet, ending its 400 million kilometre journey, and beginning its mission to map the surface and search for underground water. The spacecraft began its 37 minute orbital insertion burn at 0247 UTC. Controllers believe that the British-built Beagle 2 also reached Mars at approximately the same time, but the lander failed to make contact with Mars Odyssey, which should have relayed communications back to Earth. Controllers will attempt to make contact again on December 25 at 2200 UTC, this time with the Earth-based Jodrell Bank telescope in Cheshire, UK.

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2003-Dec-25, 06:39 PM
Maybe they are busy doing the landing....finding the best spot to land on Mars (Mars Snow Storm) :lol:

2003-Dec-25, 07:13 PM
How come the missions to Mars are so troublesome while missions to, say Saturn's or Jupiter's moons seem to work a lot better? Are the latest advances in space technology really advances, capable of withstanding space weather/ radiation? Maybe we should use only "old", proven technology?

2003-Dec-25, 10:19 PM
how do you know that probe lands better on jupiter or saturn's moons? never done before, Cassini-Huygens is the first to do that. ;) I think this is harder then Mars.

2003-Dec-25, 11:50 PM
Well, I mean that the missions to the outer planets don't hit as many snags as the missions to Mars, landing or not landing. Since the 70's I think (just guessing) that half the time something went to Mars, something went completely wrong. It seems odd, don't you think?

2003-Dec-25, 11:56 PM
I am trying to find out about Beagle 2.

It is now more than one hour over the time where there was a possibillity to hear from Beagle.

Where is will it be possible to find out anything about the result of this evenings try.


2003-Dec-26, 12:29 AM
Jodrell began listening at 2200 UTC (5:00pm EST) and will continue for about 2.5 hours. At the time I'm writing this, that window just closed up.

I'd say the chances of making contact with the spacecraft plummet dramatically now. :-(

2003-Dec-26, 02:43 AM
so is the beagle lost?

2003-Dec-26, 04:16 PM
I think the problem is airbag. Maybe one sharp of a lot stones pricked airbag leak.
or that rare lander, sees like a old pocketclock but big, cannot open because beside of this lay a rock? Pushaway airbag mechanism did move airbag out but beside that is rocks so it stucked?
there were a big problem with airbag of Pathfinder 1997 too. airbagclothes were lay on the road of pathfinder rover but it were solved.

that a lot 100000 little stones is a big problems for landers.

2003-Dec-26, 08:14 PM
I read the newspaper about this event, it says when ME arrives Mars, they need to make sure its the right time to land on Mars, so that might take about 6hrs to do this, if the ME is destroy, then its useless...... :lol:

2003-Dec-28, 01:37 AM

2003-Dec-28, 07:51 PM
Still no signal? :)

2003-Dec-28, 11:35 PM
Still no signal. That was a timeline of communication opportunities.

2003-Dec-29, 05:04 AM
Current status

21:50 GMT

No signal received via Odyssey.


Maybe Beagle 2's signal box was destroy on Mars's Atmosphere, so can't send signal back to the Mars Express oribter >>>> Earth

Krazh Landers
2003-Dec-29, 12:13 PM
Eagle haz landed, or Beegle haz blundered? Fot?